Top 10 Favorites of 2014 • Your Picks + My Picks

It is almost 2015 but not quite, so let’s do a little reflecting before the New Year is upon us…

Feasting on Fruit did not even exist at the beginning of 2014, so to say “it’s come a long way in 2014” is a bit of an understatement (and quite cliche). Looking back on my first post is embarrassing frankly, but that is what learning is all about. It’s not about going back and deleting those crappy iPhone pics so no one in the world will ever see them, it’s about being grateful for the progress.

And I’m sure in a year I’ll look back at last week’s post and wonder what I was thinking, but by then I’ll have an entire year’s worth of new knowledge in my head and even better posts and pictures on my site. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what next year has in store!

There are a few things I’ve learned in 2014:

Your 2014 Favorites

1. Shamelessly Fruity Brownies

I gotta say this one surprised me. I gotta say this one surprised me.

2. Chocolate Caramel Layer Pie

Nice choice! Nice choice!

3. Banana Blueberry Bark

4. Fig Chia Cookies

5. Cakey Brownies with Fudgy Fat Free Frosting

My 2014 Favorites

1. Caramel Core Cups

2. Berry-Dyed Bran Cookies

3. Fruity Caramel Nachos 

4. Poppy Seed Broccoli

5. 4-Ingredient Raw Caramel Apples

I can’t type “thank you” enough times to truly convey how grateful I am! Thank you to every one of you who have read my words and commented on my posts and supported me in any and every way. I hope you stick around in 2015 for all the yumminess that is sure to come. Much love to all of you!


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Favorites of 2014 • Your Picks + My Picks

  1. Girl, I love every recipe and post you bring to the blog! I remember when I first found you (I think from instagram first and then I pinned every single on of your recipes) I was sitting watching this boring movie with my mom in the middle of the summer (I think July?). Yup! I remember it exactly, hahaha! Well I am SO glad to have found you and you’re creativity is simply beautiful and so inspiring my friend! XOXOXOXOXO


    1. Thanks Rebecca! You’ve been so sweet to welcome and support me as I’m getting started in this blogging world. You are an awesome blogger and e-friend (with amazing brain capacity :)). I giggle every time I find a new brand or blog, go to their FB page, and without fail it always tells me "Rebecca Pytell and XXX others like this". You are everywhere, and have inspired me to dig deeper into the healthy blogging community! XOXOXOXOXO


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