Banana Ice Cream eBook

Now until March 21, 2015 ALL proceeds go to the local animal shelter!

Over 35 pages of delicious raw vegan banana ice cream recipes. From sundaes to sandwiches, pies to pops, this book is brimming with cold, creamy, sweet recipes for ice cream treats all made from bananas!

So much variety for such a little book! Bananas have never seen so many flavors and forms. Whether you are a chocoholic or a fruit fiend there are lots of chilly choices. Here’s a little sneak peek…

What’s Inside?

Classic ice cream parlor treats get a healthy makeover, and new fruity flavors join the party. I keep the nut and coconut oil use to a minimum, so the recipes are as low fat as possible. But you can’t have a banana split without a sprinkling of nuts, a piña colada sundae without coconut, or an ice cream bar without a hard chocolate shell. 

If you are a banana ice cream newbie, or even a raw food newbie, this book will be the perfect introduction. I include a how-to section and even a brief description of some of the more unusual raw ingredients. If you are already a banana ice cream aficionado, then these recipes will elevate your banana ice cream to a whole new level. With so much variety, there will be something to tantalize every palate.





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First off, it’s only right to say if you’re a guilt-free, super healthy ICE CREAM fan, then let me tell you, this book was written for you like a love poem for a romantic soul. It’s not just the fact that ice cream is the most common favourite food, but all the recipes and creations that it can be molded into, that’s pretty amazing. Natalie just has a special ability to make foods that are already pretty darn good, even better with her creativity and passion hand in hand. And even if you’re just a plain banana maniac, there’s a lot for you in there as well.

Also, I love the diversity of flavors, and this book has it all! Some personal favourites of mine were: (Never) Too Much Chocolate, Creamsicle Cups, Banana Splitwich (especially the cocolate sauce, you can use it ANYWHERE!), German chocolate bars were just exquisite, and I didn’t have a chance to make full Cookie Dough Ice Cream Cake, but made the cookie dough balls and they are my current obsession and the Cookies, Cream Milkshake and I think we’ll all be pretty fascinated by Nutty Butter Ice Cream Cups. So even though you might think after reading this, I became diabetic and obese eating all this sinfull sounding goodness, it is ALL HEALTHY AND ALL NATURAL plus yes, it is literally RAW! Can you believe it? I almost couldn’t.

And it’s so easy too! Or it’s just Natalie’s way of explaining that does it, but she really does explain it all, from how to cut up your banana, to enjoying your delicious meal. You can’t get lost or screw it up simply because whatever you do, even if not the exact way Natalie did it, it’s still gonna taste great, i promise!
I have a side note though, don’t let your bananas thaw out too much, really watch out for that one, it won’t make the ice cream as firm and flavorful, even if you refreeze it once it’s more of a banana sauce than ice cream comsistency. Maybe a minute, but no longer than that. I even find the best success in not letting them thaw out at all. Maybe it’s the matter of preference,maybe not, but i wanna share my honest opinion. Other than that, I have no complains, and to wrap it up, i’d like to thank Natalie for being so wonderfull and assembling this book together and sharing her passion, and spicing up my kitchen with pure raw goodness. The price is ridiculous and the book is worth every penny seriously. Please try it, you will not regret your decision! Much love to all you wonderful souls, and have a great day ❤ xx”

– Hana Stibilj

Healthy ice cream bliss is just a click and a blender away.


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