About Me

About Me

Hello, I’m Natalie.  

I haven’t always been a perfect vegan.  I’m not perfect at being 100% raw.  I can’t even claim perfect health.  The raw foods of nature have flaws and blemishes and beautiful imperfections.  By working and creating with these pure ingredients I am beginning to find joy in imperfection.

I am constantly filled and often overflowing with creative ideas for food and recipes and designs and words.  The hardest part is often getting my mind out of the way to let them flow freely into being.

I am a lover of horses, graphic design, tire swings, yoga, and my Aussie shepherd.

In Relation to Food

I have been a vegan since high school when my sister expressed her desire to become vegan, and I followed suit as any idolizing little sister would.  Looking back I can’t thank her enough.

I have struggled with flawed perceptions of satiation and the true definition of enough.  I have struggled with food restriction.  I have struggled with overcoming my unfair judgments of which foods are healthy and which should be avoided.  I have struggled to view weight gain as a positive thing, not a failure. 

Veganism and raw food have both fed and begun to heal my eating disorder.  At first my vegan or raw diet made it easier for me to restrict my food intake by making some foods completely out of the picture.  But now veganism is beginning to have the opposite effect.  I am starting to eat more, knowing the foods I am consuming are inarguably full of life and sustenance and vitality.

I have found my way to a high-carb low-fat vegan lifestyle in the past year. Most of my food is of the sweet and fruity variety, although I throw in some salads and savory things as well.  I am eating more than I ever have before, and enjoying it more as well. For now I’m sticking with the high-carb vegan thing, but there’s always tomorrow to try something different.

Feasting on Fruit

I find bliss in being in an empty house with music playing and a kitchen to myself to bring to life the recipes and creations that flow so freely into my mind.  That is why I created this site: to share my ideas so they can become your creations too.


doesn’t go a day without turning upside-down at least once

looks forward to mangos as much as mylkshakes

is twenty years old and still confuses left and right or right and left…right?

falls asleep like a little baby whenever George Winston’s December is played

used to eat her Lucky Charms cereal first, then marshmallows, then unnatural green milk…but who didn’t?

doesn’t understand dunking cookies in milk…whats so great about soggy cookies?

can’t stay awake through an action movie, but doesn’t miss a moment of a good romantic comedy

is not sure which is harder, coming or leaving, but being left is the worst of all

wanted to be just like her big sister for years, wasn’t, isn’t, never will be, quit trying

would rather make cake, than eat it too

can take care of a horse and dog, but can’t keep a flower alive for more than a week

didn’t realize how deliciously perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are until too old to eat them with any dignity

thinks that everything tastes better through a straw, but best through a curly straw (except hot beverages in which case a straw is just plain wrong)

once thought Chex Mix was something you had to prepare, like cake mix or pudding mix

has a long list of quirky traits that will be forever growing…


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